13 november slippes albumet "Ferd".

The title Ferd means “journey”, “travel”, and “to explore”. The album's primary focus is to honour those who travelled the world, thus expanding knowledge and facilitating cultural exchange.

Ferd started out as a collection of pieces initially composed for short movies, documentaries and plays, performed on old Norse instruments. It soon evolved far beyond that. Reworked with the help of talented fellow Nordic musicians and brought together to give life to Ferd, the songs unveil a great journey with a common focus, while still telling each their own stories. I invited visual artists to illustrate each song of the album, which you can find in the extensive booklet together with their corresponding stories.

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Brand new single!

Official music video for Kjell Braatens Østavind.
From the upcoming album Ferd, to be released at By Norse Music November 13, 2020.

Østavind is an old Norwegian term for the wind that blows from east.
I use the word in the expanded sense, pointing at the fact that much of our culture (as many musical instruments) was brought back from the far east. It is a hymn to those who traveled there, but also to those who came here. There is endless evidence of how vital part this trade has played in Scandinavia's cultural development.

To underline the cultural exchange, I have used only instruments based on accepted finds from around Scandinavia, some with its origin in the middle east. The rhythms and scales used in this composition are from both cultures.

Some of you are sondering what instruments I usedvanlig on this track, so here it is:

Drums / Percussion: Davul, Tambours, Derbukka, Ceramic vase, Hooves- rattle, Seed- rattle, and Gong.
Wind: Rams horn, Neverlur.
Styrings: Symphonie, Icelandic Langspill, and Kraviklyre.

Video produced by Ruben Gentékos and Tyra Rachel Torp-Bangsrud
Music composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Kjell Braaten
Mastered at Klokkereint
Assistant & Stylist Margrete Heggland
Historical clothing Tyra Rachel Torp-Bangsrud
Kravik lyre: Don Shaw
Ram´s horn: Benny Braaten
Filmed at Bronseplassen (Lillesand) and Hasseltangen (Fevik), Norway

Thank you for help and support:
Ruben Gentékos, Tyra Rachel Torp-Bangsrud, Margrete Heggland, Gorm Helge Grønli Rudshinat
Tove Gulbrandsen, Don Shaw & Wenche Johnson Shaw, Fatima Ackerson, Ravenheart Hardanger